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Patient Resources

For in-depth information about glaucoma diagnosis, treatment, basic science, and much else, click through to the following excellent on-line resources:

An ophthalmic "wiki" where ophthalmologists, other physicians, patients and the public can view an eye encyclopedia written by ophthalmologists covering the vast spectrum of eye disease, diagnosis and treatment. EyeWiki is a collaboration between the American Academy of Ophthalmology and many professional ophthalmology societies including the American Glaucoma Society.

The American Glaucoma Society
Professional Society, for glaucoma specialists, with up-to-date, accurate information about glaucoma.

Glaucoma Research Foundation
Site of the GRF, containing much information on: FAQs about glaucoma; drop taking techniques; perspectives on alternative therapies for glaucoma; side-effects of glaucoma medications; types of glaucoma; and much else.

The National Eye Institute's (a branch of the National Institutes of Health) glaucoma page
Site contains: definitions of glaucoma; treatments for glaucoma; links to eye health organizations; and much else.

The Glaucoma Foundation
A comprehensive website with information about: the eye and how it works; diagnosing glaucoma; treating glaucoma; an excellent online brochure about glaucoma called "Doctor I Have A Question"; and much more.

Mayo Clinic's glaucoma page
Site contains: definition of glaucoma; symptoms of glaucoma; treatments for glaucoma; alternative medicine; coping and support; and much else.

The Review of Ophthalmology
A major peer-reviewed Ophthalmology Journal's website, with professional and public sector information including up-to-date literature reviews, links to other topics in ophthalmology, and much else.


Dr. Robert A. Schumer, M.D., Ph.D. & Hudson Valley Glaucoma Care, PC